Our staff is dedicated to delivering an entertaining festival experience that captivates our guests, sparks conversation, and leaves you wanting to attend again and again.  Get to know us! We are happy to be part of this delightful experience.


Rhea Lewis-Woodson, Managing Director
Liliana Rodriguez, Artistic Director
Lauren Turletsky
, Operations Manager
Christina Sasse, Film Awards Director of Operations
Kristin Bloomer
, Sponsor & Development Manager
Zack Solomon
, Membership & Education Manager

Felicia Alford, Accountant
Danny Torres, Office Coordinator 
Tony Ramos, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Scarlett Wilmsen, Film Awards Operations Coordinator
Jessica Eskelin, Programming Manager
Caroline Polly, Social Media Coordinator



Linton Melita, Co-Director of Programming
Sudeep Sharma, Co-Director of Programming
Jesse Knight, Programmer
Dominique Oneil, Programmer
Stephanie Owens, Programmer
Céline Roustan, Programmer
Robert John Torres, Programmer
Ana Souza, Forum Producer
Harrison Harvey, Forum Coordinator
Phillip Segal, Programming Assistant
Veronica Cook, Programming Intern

Guest Relations

Scarlett Wilmsen, Guest Relations Manager
Christina Sasse, Industry Coordinator
Alyssa Davis, Guest Relations Assistant


Modestina Weeden, Technical Manager
Debbie Ray Scanlon, Volunteer Coordinator
Brian Morataya, Projectionist
Miles Marsico, Projectionist
Darby James, Operations Intern
Steve Csutoras, Venue Manager
Angelina Quirante, Venue Manager
Dennis Pence, Credentials Manager
Charisma Nunez-Rodriguez, Development Intern

Marketing & Publicity

Steve Wilson, Scenario PR
Catherine Alderete, Marketing Intern
Jaymee A. Martinez-Romero, Social Media Intern
Martin Foster, Designer
Nicholas Cox | Kendall Productions, Video Producer
Nathan Cox | Nathan Cox Studios, Photographer
Austin Good, Scenario PR

Box Office

Cynthia Bonaprte, Cashier
Judy Malespino, Cashier
Kate Reichle, Cashier
Lisa Thomas, Cashier
Michael Flanigan, Cashier
Pat Liedtke, Cashier
Sofia Torres-Crespo, Cashier

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