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    Directed by Carl Joseph E. Papa
    Philippines/Thailand | 90 minutes | International Premiere | Awards Buzz – Best International Feature Film

Film Festival 2024

When mouthless young Eric learns that his uncle has passed away, he begins to hallucinate of an alien visitation – a shadowy figure from his hazily remembered childhood.

film details

Director: Carl Joseph E. Papa
Producers: Geo Lomuntad, Dan Villegas
Screenwriter: Carl Joseph E. Papa
Cinematographers: Jethro Jamon
Editor: Benjamin Tolentino
Music: Teresa Barrozo
Cast: Dolly de Leon, Carlo Aquino, Gio Gahol
Original Language Title: Iti Mapukpukaw
Country: Philippines/Thailand
Language: In Filipino and Ilocano with English subtitles
Year: 2023
Running Time: 90 minutes
Premiere Status: International Premiere
Primary Company: Project 8 Projects
Contact Email: geolomuntad@project8projects.com

Film Festival 2024