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Snow and the Bear

A young nurse takes a position in an isolated Turkish village and encounters resistance from the headstrong, mercurial and sometimes menacing inhabitants. An epic snowstorm, a missing man, and rumors of a bear on the loose only add to the unrest. Read More

Running Time: 93


Twenty-year-old Lynn’s plans for learning English and becoming a flight attendant are jeopardized after learning she’s pregnant with her unreliable boyfriend’s child. When an opportunity emerges to relinquish her unwanted baby, Lynn discovers the market for human life isn’t as it seems. Read More

Running Time: 147

The Storyteller

In this delightfully barbed mix of drama, wit and suspense, a wealthy businessman hires a retired publisher to regale him with stories to help cure his insomnia. But as their bond deepens, the possibility that both men harbor ulterior motives slowly begins to surface. Read More

Running Time: 116


In this raw and tender coming-of-age drama, shy teen musician Manu finds himself pining for his lifelong best friend Felipe, just as his family life buckles and music becomes his one salvation. Read More

Running Time: 100

The Substitute

Lucio is a substitute teacher in Buenos Aires, whose methods involve engaging his students with poetry and literature in an attempt to steer them away from the violence outside. But when he gets involved after a student is threatened by a local drug kingpin, his life begins to unravel. Read More

Running Time: 110

Talia's Journey

In this sensitively told coming-of-age story about the quest for identity, a young Belgian woman travels to her ancestral home in Senegal for the first time to connect with the extended family she's never met. Read More

Running Time: 79

To Kill a Tiger

In this remarkable story of perseverance and resilience, a farmer in India seeks justice for his 13-year-old daughter after she is raped by three men. Risking retaliation as tensions mount during the court process, the family refuses to back down, and becomes a beacon of hope for survivors in India. Read More

Running Time: 125

Tori and Lokita

In the latest social realist drama from the Dardenne brothers, 11-year-old Tori and 16-year-old Lokita are vulnerable African migrants trying to make their way in contemporary Belgium. Their already precarious circumstances grow more complicated when the government refuses to give Lokita residence papers. Read More

Running Time: 88


Struggling to survive in an increasingly parched and arid Bolivian Altiplano, elderly Quechua couple Virginio and Sisa come to the realization that their home may no longer be sustainable. When their grandson arrives, all three are faced with impossible decisions. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current... Read More

Running Time: 87


In this taut moral thriller, a Ukrainian immigrant living in the Czech Republic compromises her conscience to protect her son, triggering a tremor in the fault lines of a divided society.

This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current AMPAS membership card at our box office. Read More

Running Time: 91

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