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Holy Spider

In this daring societal indictment from the director of Border (PSIFF 2019), a journalist (Cannes Best Actress winner Zar Amir Ebrahimi) travels to the Iranian holy city of Mashhad to investigate a serial killer who believes he is doing God’s work and cleansing the streets of sinners by targeting sex workers. This screening is... Read More

Running Time: 113


In this nail-biting psychological thriller, a woman begins having horrific visions after discovering that she’s pregnant. As the societal and cultural pressure of motherhood looms, her grip on reality slips further, leading to a nightmarish reckoning. Read More

Running Time: 97

Il Boemo

This sumptuous period drama recreates the tragic life and sublime music of little-known 18th-century Czech composer Josef Mysliveček, who left working in a mill in Prague for Italy and became the most sought-after opera composer of his time, even befriending and inspiring a young aspiring musician named Mozart. This screening... Read More

Running Time: 130

The Judgement

Based on real events, this Dutch crime thriller follows a TV investigative journalist as he challenges the judicial system, media and public opinion in an attempt to uncover the truth surrounding a controversial high-profile murder case. Read More

Running Time: 130


As the Baltic states break away from the USSR in 1990, many Estonian athletes refuse to participate in Soviet sports competitions. But ambitious coach Jaak Salumets accepts the challenge of taking the strong local team Kalev to the biggest basketball competition in the world. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show... Read More

Running Time: 91


In a small Eastern Ukrainian village near the Russian border, an expectant couple refuses to evacuate at the start of the Donbas war. Amid wreckage and simmering interpersonal resentments, they attempt to rebuild their bombed home. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current AMPAS membership card at our box... Read More

Running Time: 100

Last Film Show

In this unabashed love letter to cinema and the carefree days of youth, nine-year-old Samay’s world is forever changed after visiting the local movie house. Despite his father’s disapproval, Samay returns every day and soon, with help from his friends and an eccentric projectionist, learns to generate his own movie magic. This... Read More

Running Time: 111

Love According to Dalva

Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, this bold and disquieting drama explores the psychological complexities surrounding 12-year-old Dalva after she is taken into foster care and suddenly freed from years of captivity and abuse by her father. Read More

Running Time: 87


Pushed to her breaking point by the demands of parenthood, a new mom takes up with her aging parents, uncovering long buried secrets and learning hard-won truths about what it means to be family. This rich, emotionally raw film was praised by Pedro Almodóvar as “the best Spanish debut in years." Read More

Running Time: 104

Mars One

The four members of a loving working-class family wrestle with the distress of growing up against the cruel backdrop of Bolsonaro’s far-right Brazil. This lovingly shot and expertly performed ensemble drama is a deeply affecting snapshot of a family’s quiet rebellion. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their... Read More

Running Time: 115

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