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In this stirring drama based on true events, an 18-year-old living in a foster home is encouraged to denounce a ring of pedophiles in the wake of a scandal. But when the investigation widens to involve high-ranking politicians, threats are made and everyone is placed under a microscope. This screening is free to AMPAS members... Read More

Running Time: 98

The Blue Caftan

In this remarkable story of love, longing and acceptance, middle-aged couple Mina and Halim run a traditional caftan boutique in Morocco. When a handsome young apprentice joins the shop, Halim's desires are soon ignited.

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Running Time: 118


From the director of Shoplifters (PSIFF 2019) comes this playful and touching crowdpleaser about a young woman who goes on the road with a group of child traffickers to help them find a new home for her unwanted child. Meanwhile, two cops tail their every move. Read More

Running Time: 129

Burning Days

In this tense and atmospheric drama, a handsome young government prosecutor is sent to a remote Turkish town to investigate a murder. Once there, he encounters the bizarre behavior of the locals, and finds himself under threat while embroiled in the turmoil. Read More

Running Time: 130

Cairo Conspiracy

In this bold and nuanced thriller from the director of the award-winning The Nile Hilton Incident , a gifted student at Al-Azhar University in Cairo finds himself a reluctant pawn in a ruthless power struggle between Egypt’s religious and political elite after the Grand Imam suddenly dies. This screening is free to AMPAS... Read More

Running Time: 126

The Caviar Connection

A band of fearless investigative journalists, including imprisoned and targeted Khadija Ismayilova, exposes the intricacies of corruption and power in the highest government offices of nations such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in this eye-opening documentary that unravels like a nail-biting thriller. Read More

Running Time: 100

Chile '76

After a life of toeing the line as a bourgeois housewife in 1970s Chile, Carmen’s world is rocked when she’s asked to nurse a wounded rebel back to health, opening her up to certain danger in this tense and unforgettable thriller. Read More

Running Time: 95

Cinema Sabaya

In this engaging and multilayered drama, eight Arab and Jewish women take part in a video workshop taught by a young filmmaker. Over the course of their sessions, the group’s ever-changing dynamic enables them to challenge their preexisting assumptions and prejudices. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their... Read More

Running Time: 91


From the director of Girl (PSIFF 2019), this intimate, quietly devastating study of the intense childhood friendship between two 13-year-old boys takes an unexpected turn as they buckle under the pressure to conform to peer group expectations of masculinity. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current AMPAS... Read More

Running Time: 105

Concerned Citizen

Architect Ben thinks of himself as a socially progressive, enlightened gay man. But an interaction with neighbors in his gritty south Tel Aviv neighborhood challenges his view of himself in this smartly crafted, multilayered satire about racial privilege, xenophobia and identity. Read More

Running Time: 82

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