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Join us for a celebration of queer life on the big screen in this, our centerpiece program. Read More

Growing Pains

Sensitive, fantastical and sobering, these coming-of-age shorts cover the wide spectrum of experiences of today’s youth. Read More

Higher Ground

The spiritual, the metaphysical and the supernatural collide in this series of shorts exploring the power of faith, belief and ritual. Read More

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home is so much more than a dwelling. As this program shows, home is our ancestors, our memories, our loved ones and our shared future. Read More

The Heat of the Moment

Split-second decisions and tough choices abound in this program, as a cable-car operator takes a stand and a film director crosses the line. These shorts will take you in unexpected directions. Read More

In Search of Lost Time

These deeply personal documentary films trace moments from the past to the present through the use of archive, testimony and artistry. Read More

In the Country

From British Columbia to Lebanon, through muddy fields and provincial hinterlands, these bucolic tales demonstrate the rich diversity of rural life. Read More

The Kids Are Alright

Told through the eyes of children, these stories offer distinctly wise perspectives on the world and how we relate to one another. Read More

Late Night

The sinister and the surreal converge in this collection of after-dark shorts, featuring a spectral girlfriend and a gruesome dinner mishap. Read More

Life on Earth

Ecology and the natural world come to the fore in these fascinating documentaries that take us from the U.S.-Mexico border to the Siberian Arctic. Read More

Living the Dream

Bad days and crummy work shifts unite these (mostly) funny shorts, including a Coney Island calamity and a bizarre stay at a Spanish hotel. Read More

Man Up

From the Beirut skyline to a bathroom in Sweden, this program asks, "are men okay?" with shorts that explore the meaning of masculinity and the expressions of gender that challenge it. Read More

Mickey's Tree

In this single-film special presentation a high school senior recovering from recent traumas discovers a magical tree with his rescue dog. Read More

Modern Romance

Relationships bring out the best and worst in us. Sex, heartbreak, parenthood and jealousy—these shorts have it all. Read More

More Than Meets the Eye

Quiet mysteries and subtle revelations pervade these films that simmer beneath the surface. You won’t be able to get these shorts out of your head. Read More

Nights to Remember

History is made at night in this series of nocturnal tales, as a security guard has an unexpected encounter and a young man in Israel is transfixed by a sudden desire. Read More

Odd Couples

These irreverent and perceptive shorts dig into the eccentric lives of couples brought and kept together by their unique peculiarities. Read More

On Dangerous Ground

This gripping program features characters in precarious situations, whether handling backstage drama at an opera or surviving as an undocumented immigrant. Read More

On the Job

Colorful colleagues, fraudulent bosses and occupational hazards feature prominently in these portraits of the working life. Read More

Opening Night

Get your shorts on! Join us in kicking off a new edition of the festival as we share some of our favorite movies this year. Read More

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