• Bernstein's Wall

    Directed by Douglas Tirola
    USA | 105 minutes | Sound Track – Music on Film

Drawing on a treasure trove of archival materials, this eye-opening documentary provides a nuanced look at the monumental achievements, complicated personal life and committed activism of one of the 20th century’s most celebrated cultural figures: superstar conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein.

film synopsis

Charismatic, eloquent and furiously talented, Leonard Bernstein rose to fame as conductor of the New York Philharmonic and left his stamp on American culture over several decades of innovation, from his influential televised Young People’s Concerts to his iconic score for West Side Story. But while Bernstein’s artistic contributions are widely recognized, filmmaker Douglas Tirola’s revelatory documentary suggests that some of the most fascinating aspects of the maestro’s story occurred outside the concert hall. Tirola gives equal weight to Bernstein’s deeply held and often controversial political convictions, ranging from his fiery opposition to the Vietnam War to his support for the Black Panthers. The film also sensitively illuminates Bernstein’s tumultuous private life, including his struggles with his sexuality and his unconventional but devoted marriage to his wife Felicia. Forgoing traditional biographical filmmaking techniques in favor of a collage style, employing television interviews, performance footage and personal letters, Tirola has crafted a multifaceted portrait that movingly captures the complexity of his subject.

film details

Director: Douglas Tirola
Producers: Susan Bedusa
Editor: Zachary Obid
Country: USA
Language: In English.
Year: 2021
Running Time: 105 minutes
Director Filmography: Bloodroot (2019), Brewmaster (2018), Hey Bartender (2013)
Primary Company: Cinetic Media

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