Best of the Fest

Best of the Fest screenings will be held at the Regal Palm Springs, Camelot Theatres (Palm Springs Cultural Center), and Mary Pickford is D'Place.  Best of the Fest features films top rated by the audience and Jury award winners. 

I Am Not Alone

This inspirational political documentary shows how one uncompromising Armenian idealist roused his countrymen to overthrow a corrupt tyrant. A triumph of first-hand reporting by director Garin Hovannisian, this urgent chronicle of a homegrown velvet revolution couldn’t be more timely. Read More

Running Time: 93

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

Robbie Robertson, founding member and primary songwriter of The Band, tells his version of this seminal (and controversial) group’s rise and fall. Featuring interviews with some of the world’s most iconic musicians and showcasing previously unseen photos and concert footage. Read More

Running Time: 100


A rousing, deeply felt portrait of Máxima Acuña, an indigenous Peruvian farmer who became a global symbol of the fight against corporate greed in her struggle to keep her farm safe from the violent tactics of a U.S.-owned mining corporation. Read More

Running Time: 88

The Dog Doc

This involving and poignant documentary focuses on unconventional veterinarian Marty Goldstein, whose embrace of alternative therapies puts him at odds with the veterinary establishment. Not every pet can be saved, but Goldstein’s passion for making animals’ lives better infuses every frame. Read More

Running Time: 101

We Are the Radical Monarchs

This heartwarming documentary looks at the first three years of The Radical Monarchs, an Oakland-based Girl Scouts alternative founded by queer activists Anayvette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest for young girls of color that promotes social justice, allyship and self-empowerment. Read More

Running Time: 97

Our Time Machine

Famed conceptual artist and puppeteer Ma Liang embarks upon his most challenging and emotional project yet: a large-scale biographical performance piece on memory, using life-size mechanical puppets, in collaboration with his father who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Read More

Running Time: 81

Changing the Game

The struggles and triumphs of three courageous transgender high school athletes are at the heart of this compassionate, thought-provoking film. Raising knotty questions about gender and fairness in sports, this stirring documentary will inspire cheers and debate. Read More

Running Time: 95

Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy

Award-winning cookbook scribe, fervent environmentalist and fiery nonagenarian Diana Kennedy reflects on her life, career and the six decades she spent criss-crossing Mexico’s landscapes researching the country’s deliciously “down-to-earth” recipes in this candid and sumptuously photographed documentary. Dinner & a Movie... Read More

Running Time: 73

Talking About Trees

Four Sudanese filmmakers attempt to bring back the culture of cinema in a country where politics and fundamentalism have destroyed its film industry. This transportive and profoundly moving documentary is both an elegy and an ode to the enduring power of movies. Read More

Running Time: 93

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Most people know neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks as the bestselling author who made the science of the brain fascinating for the masses. But Sacks’ life was so much richer — and more challenging — than that short bio suggests, as revealed in this insightful and moving documentary. Read More

Running Time: 114

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