• Power Plays

Tense standoffs, risky gambits, and subtle manipulation characterize these stories about the lengths we go to control our own lives—and sometimes those of others.

Short Films

Astonishing Little Feet

Afong Moy, the first documented Chinese woman to come to the United States, realizes the men who separated her from her family only have interest in profiting off of the peculiarities of her body.


A lonely schoolteacher's day takes a dark turn when her beloved pet rabbit mysteriously disappears.


Three friends are hanging out at the marina with the adrenaline rushing after they have stolen energy drinks from the supermarket. When they notice an autistic man, Agnes, the “alpha” of the group, starts to exploit the man’s good-natured way of being.

Romance Package For Two

The monotonous life of Cleo and Judy, a queer couple who run a kitschy love motel, is thrown into disarray when Cleo falls for a visiting dominatrix. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/6YgWUaArPcc


Gina, a Filipina Gemini doing her best, takes the advice of her sliding scale therapist to spend a day with her INNER SABOTEUR. Enter Gianna. Will they make peace, or does Gianna, like, literally want Gina dead?

Poolside Inn

A woman tries to spend a relaxing evening in a motel hot tub when she is visited by some strange people.

All Choked Up

A woman must decide whether to save her husband when he starts choking on a sandwich during lunch.


A woman and a man are in a room, a gecko sits in a terrarium, several flies are circling a lamp. Gradually we find more and more dependencies, analogies between their activities and observed elements as the rhythm of their universes accelerates.

She Always Wins

When a young woman brings her new boyfriend to his first family visit, a complicated dance of dominance, deference and self-diminishment begins.

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