• Meeting People is Easy

Putting yourself out there can be hard, but as these films remind us, a stranger is just a friend, hookup, or life partner you've never met.

Short Films

No Bedroom

A young woman selectively arranges viewings for her one-bedroom house, which she may not be genuine about actually renting.


70-year-old Edith, who has fallen into social and mental isolation, comes into contact with an equally lonely young man. Although they have absolutely nothing in common, he rekindles the zest for life in her. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/DeNQnQzqzVM

Mysore Magic

The true story of an unlikely romance in 1982 at a disco competition in Mysore, India.

Yokelan, 66

In Chinatown Manhattan, 66-year-old widowed Yokelan goes to dance class determined to find love again.

I Probably Shouldn't Be Telling You This

Minna, a self-flagellating influencer, is concealing her crush and fandom for Frank while invited to be a guest on his famous podcast. Frank is hiding his deep, longtime online obsession for Minna. They both soon discover they’re even more attracted to the honest truth. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/Vqth7rSmCHc

Out of Water

When a disenchanted mermaid-for-hire is mistaken for a real mermaid, she plays along to disastrous consequences. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/H1xKcbQ3xdU

Crarylake Boats and Floats

Summer is over. At the combo hot dog stand boat rental shop, Lane hopes to wait out her shift by getting high and avoiding the rain. The arrival of a flirty late-season boat renter, Cara, throws her plans into chaos. Meet the filmmakers: https://youtu.be/hfUwRp2bOXU

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