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    Directed by Lara Maltz
    Spain/Argentina | 6 minutes | Amazing Animation

Curiosity leads Ashkasha to mysteriously lose her head, so she embarks on a very surreal journey to retrieve it.

film details

Director: Lara Maltz
Producers: Lara Maltz
Screenwriter: Lara Maltz
Cinematographers: Gerardo Wielandt, Diego Aveiga | Animation: Lara Maltz, Santiago Riquelme
Editor: Laura S. Núñez, Lara Maltz, Santiago Riquelme
Music: Lorenzo Perelmuter
Country: Spain/Argentina
Language: No dialogue
Year: 2022
Running Time: 6 minutes
Primary Company: Distribution with Glasses
Contact Email: info@distributionwithglasses.com
Website: https://distributionwithglasses.com/ashkasha/

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