• Animal Instincts

Including pufflings off the coast of Iceland, tortoises in the Mojave, and newts at a conference, this collection of documentary and fiction shorts feature fauna and the hilarious and moving ways their lives connect with human kind.

Short Films

Chicken Stories

On a start-up farm outside Oakland, various flocks of chickens surmount daily obstacles while the newbie farmers attempt to Google their way to help. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/SQ5GF9pK95I


Every summer 18-year-old Birta and 16-year-old Selma rescue pufflings (young puffins) at night on a remote island off the coast of Iceland. On the cusp of their own journey into adulthood away from their home, Birta and Selma take it upon themselves to counteract the human impact on nature, exchanging night-time parties for puffin patrol.

The Newt Congress

For years now, giant talking newts have been used for their labor and as laboratory animals. Participants are gathered at The Newt Congress to optimize the exploitation of the animals in this adaptation of Karel Čapek's "War with the Newts".

On Purpose

In a small village community, eight-year-old Mėta will stop at nothing to find help for her injured dog. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/Orh5PKN_ij8


An unconventional field biologist wages a high-tech war against ravens in the Mojave — think laser cannons, exploding tortoises, and autonomous drones — in a last-ditch effort to save the desert tortoise from extinction.

ShortFest 2023