• Outsiders & Underdogs

With the odds stacked firmly against them, the longshot protagonists in these shorts must surmount tough obstacles and take charge of their own destinies.

Short Films

Neon Phantom

João is a deliveryman who dreams of having a motorcycle. He was told that everything would be like a musical film.

7 Star Dinosor Entertainment

Brothers Sudhir and Vinod dressed as giant dinosaurs and danced to Bollywood songs at events for their company, 7 Star Dinosor Entertainment. Two years into the pandemic, the brothers are jobless and hungry. Will they split their last morsel in half, or will they come to blows—one brother against the other?

Binge Loving

A private detective in Brussels is ordered by a client to follow her husband, whom she suspects has a mistress. When she unexpectedly forces herself into the investigation, the detective is taken out of his comfort zone.

Ice Cream. Sladoled

On a sweltering Chicago day, a trip to buy ice cream triggers a series of absurd misadventures for Rade, a recent Serbian immigrant.


After losing her job, a flailing millennial is forced to move back into her childhood bedroom and navigate life with her dysfunctional parents. Determined to take on a lover, she re-connects with a middle school crush.

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