• Khadiga

    Directed by Morad Mostafa
    Egypt/France | 20 minutes | Crossroads

Khadiga, a young mother, lives alone with her baby after her husband leaves for work in a remote city. On an ordinary day, as she makes her way through the bustling streets of Cairo, she feels a growing discomfort with her surroundings.

film details

Director: Morad Mostafa
Producers: Safei Eldin Mahmoud, Sawsan Yusuf
Screenwriter: Morad Mostafa, Mohamed Mamdouh
Cinematographers: Mostafa El Kashef
Editor: Mohamed Mamdouh
Cast: Malak Tarek, Fatima Fawzi, Zizi Moustafa, Ayman Abdelaziz
Original Language Title: خديجة
Country: Egypt/France
Language: in Arabic with English subtitles
Deaf Friendly: Yes
Year: 2021
Running Time: 20 minutes
Primary Company: Lights On
Contact Email: lightson@lightsonfilm.org
Website: https://www.lightsonfilm.com/khadiga.html

2022 ShortFest