• Days of Youth

Burgeoning desires, fiery personalities and questionable choices, the protagonists in these stories remind us that growing up can be both the hardest and the most exciting time of our lives.

Short Films


Eden, a teenage dancer, is bullied on a daily basis. Her loneliness drives her to seek from Neomi, her dance teacher, the closeness she so desperately needs.

I dreamed I was alive

Santiago, Chile, 2012. When she goes back to classes, Alexandra does not want to face neither the failure of a year of mobilization nor her early pregnancy. Teenage mom in the grip of a postpartum depression, she sees her dreams fading away.


In her desperate attempt to sleep, 17-year-old insomniac Eva wanders the night like a ghost, uncovering an eerie and surreal landscape hidden to all those who slumber.

Rocket Fuel

In a small town on a hot July day, three young kids clean up the morning after a party hosted by their parents. The kids collect cans and bottles in an old wagon and set off to cash in the empties for ice cream—but they discover that their regular route is compromised.


When Tarjei reunites with his old friends during the summer holidays, everything seems to be as it once was. But when the group is faced with a difficult choice during a childish game, Tarjei involuntarily witnesses his own moral shortcomings and begins to question everything he holds dear.

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