• Best of Fest - 3

    94 minutes |

Join us in celebrating the best films of the 28th edition of ShortFest, with a day of screenings featuring audience favorites and jury winners.

Short Films

The Right Words

Kenza, 15, and her little brother Madhi, 13, regularly humiliate one another. On the bus, Kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: profess his love for Jada, a girl that Madhi loves but who does not know he exists.

The Originals

Matty Square Ruggiero and his childhood friends, the Union Street Boys, tell their story of growing up in South Brooklyn, where money was tight but friendships were tighter.

Picture Day

The day before school pictures, a newly transplanted tomboy’s decision to pierce her ears sparks a family crisis.

Cat and Moth

A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe, but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too.

Past Life

An ambitious academic’s life implodes the night he is recognized by a forgotten enemy – a small dog.

Wild Card

Two strangers who never should have met are brought together by a video dating service.

Act of God

Stuart, a disabled man, isn't the most honest guy when it comes to asking for help. Total self-reliance is his goal, which is tough when you can't get out of bed on your own.

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Running Time: 94 minutes

2022 ShortFest