Experience the festival with individual tickets.  Ticket sale dates will be announced soon.



  • First, create an account here or log in to your existing profile 
  • Select the film or event you want to attend via the film finder, schedule, or event listing.
  • Click the Buy Tickets box once the correct film or event is chosen.
  • FILM SOCIETY MEMBERS make sure to log in to your account first in order to get your member discount.
  • All purchases are subject to a $3.00 handling charge per order. 


  • 800.898.7256 or 760.778.8979 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


  • Available at our Ticket & Information Center and Box Office Locations during operating hours
  • Locations and Hours will be listed closer to the festival


If your order is elgible for print-at-home or mobile tickets, a PDF download link will be included under order details of your confirmation email. Click this link, download the pdf, and print the PDF in color or black and white on standard 8.5x11 inch plain white paper and bring the entire sheet to the theater. Each ticket should be treated like any other standard ticket and will be scanned upon entering the theater.  

If your order includes Opening night, Closing night, party tickets, or 6-pack(s) the print-at-home/mobile option will NOT be available, please visit a box office location during operating hours to retrieve your tickets.

Mobile Directions You may present the PDF on your mobile device for scanning.  

All tickets will be scanned upon entering the theater.  Tickets are individually barcoded, allowing only one scan per ticket, so any attempts to duplicate or alter will result in admittance being refused to the event, and may result in all purchases being voided.


  • Tickets may be picked up at the Ticket and Information Center or at a box office location during operating hours.
  • Only the person who purchased the tickets may pick them up
  • You must bring a photo ID for identification purposes

Each theater has a box office - they open one hour before the first show of the day, and close 1/2 hour after the last show of the day.  

How to navigate with tickets?


Bring your valid ticket, whether you received it at a box office, printed at home, or it is on your mobile device.

  • Lines begin forming no earlier than 1 hour prior to the start of the film
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the film
  • Enter the "Ticket Holder" line for the specific film you have a ticket(s) for
  • Seating is not guaranteed if you are not in your seat at 10 minutes prior to show time
  • Upon entering the theater, please have your ticket ready to be scanned.
  • Hold on to your ticket and/or stub for re-entry (accompanied by re-admit slip)
  • If you need to leave the theater at anytime after you are seated, you MUST get a re-admit slip.  You will not be admitted back into the screening without presenting your ticket stub and re-admit slip.


  • Arrive at the location and present your ticket to the door monitors
  • You will not be granted entry without a ticket or valid pass
  • Remember to bring a photo ID 


When a film screening is deemed STANDBY, it means that the allotment of advance tickets has been reached.  If you are unable to purchase a ticket in advance, there is still a chance to see the film as reserved seats may go unclaimed. Empty seats are released for sale 10 minutes prior to a screening. The released seats are deemed standby tickets and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Standby lines form one hour prior to a screening.

Cash or vouchers are the only acceptable forms of payment for standby tickets.

Tickets Not Available – Call for More Info?

If you are ordering online and receive the message "Tickets Not Available - Call for More Info", advance tickets may still be available to purchase by phone. Call 800.898.7256 or 760.778.8979 (M-F 9am-5pm)

When a screening approaches capacity, online sales are filtered to avoid over-selling to multiple buyers. 


  • Saving places in line or saving seats for other guests or between shows is not permitted. 
  • If you need to leave the auditorium for any reason, take your ticket stub or pass with you and be sure to pick up a RE-ADMIT pass before you leave. No one will be re-admitted without the re-admit pass and their ticket stub or festival pass. 
  • No recording equipment is permitted in the theatre auditorium. 
  • Please turn off all cell phones and mobile devices during the film presentation. 
  • For the pleasure of all guests there is no talking permitted during the film presentation and no late seating. 
  • Please complete and return your ballot immediately following each screening. 
  • To expedite theatre cleaning and seating please discard your trash and exit promptly after your screening. 
  • All theatre auditoriums are cleared between show times. 
  • Many lines are outside of the theatres. Please dress appropriately for comfort, as it can get hot during the day and cold in the evenings. Theatres may also get chilly. 
  • No outside food permitted in the festival theatres. Please visit the concession stand.
  • No large bags are permitted inside venues.
  • All bags are subject to search by festival and venue staff.
  • Terms and Conditions

Refunds & exchanges

The Palm Springs International Film Society (PSIFS) refund policy is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. (Except in cases of cancellation by PSIFS). The PSIFS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We enforce this policy to ensure a secure, professional, and convenient environment for all of our customers.

Film Festival 2021