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    There's Cake

    Directed by Clàudia Vernis
    Spain | 13 minutes | Public Spaces, Private Lives

Marina is surrounded by food, and it also occupies many of her passing thoughts. Today is Saint John's Day, and the hottest and longest day of the summer. Her mother has baked a chocolate cake to celebrate.

In competition for Best International Short.


Public Spaces, Private Lives

Hidden desires and private aspirations come to light in this selection of intimate shorts. Who we are isn’t always how we present ourselves.

Tuesday, June 22 9:00 AM PT

film details

Director: Clàudia Vernis
Producers: Clàudia Vernis, Marc Muñoz
Screenwriter: Clàudia Vernis
Cinematographers: Xavi Oliva
Editor: Beatriz Ortíz Mariño
Cast: Marina Segarra
Original Language Title: Sense Postre
Country: Spain
Language: in Catalan with English subtitles
Deaf Friendly: Yes
Year: 2020
Running Time: 13 minutes
Primary Company: Freak Agency
Contact Email: internacional@agenciafreak.com


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