• Best of Fest: Documentaries


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Monday, June 28 | 4:00pm PT | Aud 2&3

Short Films

A Broken House

A Syrian architect and artist stuck in the U.S. on a single-entry visa eases his homesickness by sculpting life-like renditions of the home he left behind.

In competition for Bridging the Borders Award.


A young child tells their mother "I'm not a girl" for the first time.

In competition for Best Student Documentary Short and Young Cineastes Award.

Dying in Your Mother's Arms

If losing a child to an illness is one of the worst things that can happen to a family, Dr. Nadia Tremonti has made it her mission to make it better. It’s not easy, but as a pediatric palliative care physician, she works to ensure that terminally ill children receive quality end-of-life care.

In competition for Local Jury Award and Best Documentary Short.

The Void Inside

After getting caught in a fight, Vahid needs to sell one of his kidneys to avoid a long prison sentence. While waiting for a buyer, a wish for a better life starts to grow within him.

In competition for Best of the Festival Award, Best Student Documentary Short, and Best Documentary Short.

The Queen of Basketball

Three consecutive college championships. The Olympics. The NBA. Lusia Harris is arguably the greatest American female basketball player of all time. But when will history honor her legend?

In competition for Best Documentary Short.

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