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    Directed by Vincent Toi
    Canada/Mauritius | 20 minutes | Same Planet, Different Worlds

Aniksha, a young Mauritian woman, finds her first job at a call center in the wake of her arranged marriage. As she discovers a new world of possibilities, she has to decide whether to stay in a familiar way of life or break with traditions.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes.


Same Planet, Different Worlds

In our increasingly connected world, real and imagined barriers continue to drive a wedge between people from different backgrounds. From Mauritius to Chile, these compassionate stories highlight unexpected encounters across the class divide and the lives of those who struggle to make ends meet.

Wednesday, June 23 1:00 PM PT

film details

Director: Vincent Toi
Producers: Guillaume Collin, Vincent Toi
Screenwriter: Vincent Toi
Cinematographers: Antoine Ryan
Editor: Daniel Dietzel
Music: Tobias Rochman
Cast: Neeshi Beeharry, Laurent Lucas, Kristeven Mootien
Country: Canada/Mauritius
Language: in French/Mauritian Creole with English subtitles
Deaf Friendly: Yes
Year: 2020
Running Time: 20 minutes
Awards: Jury Prize for Best Canadian Short Film, Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival; Top Ten List, Toronto International Film Festival
Primary Company: La Distributrice de Films
Contact Email: serge@ladistributrice.ca
Website: http://www.ladistributrice.ca/catalogue-films/aniksha/

2021 ShortFest