ShortFest Passes

Pass sales for the 2020 ShortFest begin April 1, 2020.

Applications for Student, Industry, & Media will also be accepted then.

Chairman's Pass

A non-transferable, premium pass that provides guaranteed reserved seating at all screenings up till 10 minutes before showtime, including Opening and Closing Nights, entry to all festival parties, Filmmaker & Industry Lounge, forum panels, and the Dark Room. Excludes Video Library access, designated Filmmaker only events, forum roundtables, classes & interactive, and Awards Brunch.


A non-transferable photo identification pass good for all regular film programs, includes Opening & Closing screenings and receptions and forum panels. Excludes filmmaker parties, Video Library, Filmmaker & Industry Lounge, designated Filmmaker only events, and Awards Brunch.

Student Pass

A non-transferrable photo identification pass good for all general film screenings, Forum Panels, Video Library, and the Dark Room.  Excludes filmmaker lounge, parties, Forum roundtables, classes, and interactive, opening & closing night. Applications for this pass must be accompanied by valid student ID from college or High School. 

How do I purchase passes?

Order online or via phone beginning April 1, 2020.


  • First, create an account here or log in to your existing profile 
  • Select the pass you want to purchase above.
  • FILM SOCIETY MEMBERS make sure to log in to your account first in order to get your member discount.
  • All purchases are subject to a $3.00 handling charge per order.


  • 800.898.7256 or 760.778.8979 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Please check back regarding pass pick-up information for the 2020 ShortFest

Where do i send the photo for my pass?

  • All ShortFest passes require a photo.
  • Photos should be passport style and meet the following requirements:
    • Recent (within the last 5 years)
    • Forward facing above the shoulders
    • Solely of the passholder
    • In focus without facial obstructions
  • Photos should be emailed to
  • If you are unable to email a photo, please call 760.778.8979 for alternative options
  • A photo must be received in order to process your pass
  • Failure to submit a quality photo by June 8, 2020 may result in a delay of receiving your pass

how to navigate with my pass?

  • Always wear your pass, you will not be admitted without it
  • Enter the "Passholder" line for the film you which to see
  • Lines begin forming 1 hour before showtime
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtime
  • Queue cards will be given out until the passholder allotment is reached

An allotment of seats are held at every screening for pass holders. The alloted passholders will receive priority entrance up to approximately 20 minutes prior to show time or until the pass holder allotment has been reached. Early arrival at all screenings is recommended. Passes do not guarantee seating and passholders will not always be able to attend the film program of their first choice of screening times or location (with the exception of Chairman's passes). Once the allotment is reached, any remaining pass holders may choose to wait on standby. At approximately 10 minutes before show time, after queued pass holders and tickets holders are seated, any empty seats will granted to standby passholders. If there are still seats remaining after the standby passholders are seated, tickets will be sold to those waiting in the ticket holder standby line. 

Queue Cards are distributed for individual shows to better control entry and determine as quickly as possible when a show is expected to reach the passholder allotment. Only one Queue Card per passholder present will be issued. No saving places in line for friends or family. Passholders must present a valid Queue Card with a valid pass for admittance into the theater (Chairman's passholders do not need to wait in line nor present a Queue Card).

is my pass valid on best of fest day?

Yes, all ShortFest passes are valid on Best of Fest, Monday, June 22, 2020.

festival etiquette

  • Saving places in line or saving seats for other guests or between shows is not permitted. 
  • If you need to leave the auditorium for any reason, take your ticket stub or pass with you and be sure to pick up a RE-ADMIT pass before you leave. No one will be re-admitted without the re-admit pass and their ticket stub or festival pass. 
  • No recording equipment is permitted in the theatre auditorium. 
  • Please turn off all cell phones and mobile devices during the film presentation. 
  • For the pleasure of all guests there is no talking permitted during the film presentation and no late seating. 
  • Please complete and return your ballot immediately following each screening. 
  • To expedite theatre cleaning and seating please discard your trash and exit promptly after your screening. 
  • All theatre auditoriums are cleared between show times. 
  • Many lines are outside of the theatres. Please dress appropriately for comfort, as it can get hot during the day and cold in the evenings. Theatres may also get chilly. 
  • No outside food permitted in the festival theatres. Please visit the concession stand. 

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