• Arabian Alien

    Directed by Meshal Aljaser
    USA | 16 minutes |

Saad, a Muslim married man, gets over his depression after a space alien is introduced into his life.

In competition for the Best of the Festival Award

film details

Director: Meshal Aljaser
Producers: Almotaz Aljefri
Screenwriter: Meshal Aljaser
Cinematographers: Aakash Raj
Editor: Meshal Aljaser
Music: Ara Torosyan
Cast: Mohammed Alhamdan, Abubakar Sweleh, Ana Marte, Saleh Alem, LaVell Thompson Jr.
Country: USA
Language: In Arabic with English subtitles.
Year: 2020
Running Time: 16 minutes
Contact Email: almotaz@movitaz.com

director biography

Meshal Al Jaser was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He became interested in film at a very young age. Since Saudi Arabia didn't have movie theatres at the time, he decided to make his own films. At 17 years old, Meshal was the main contributer to Folaim’s channel and was one of the first Saudis to direct short films for Telfaz 11’s various YouTube channels. Together the channels have garnered around 870 million viewers, and 8.6 million subscribers. In 2016, Meshal directed Is Sumiaty Going to Hell, a short film which addresses the struggle Indonesian maids face in the Arabian gulf. His next short, Under Concrete, released in 2017, was the winner in a worldwide competition called Qomrah.

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