• Any Instant Whatever

    Directed by Michelle Brand
    UK | 5 minutes |

An explosive flurry of color, motion, and kinetic energy, a lone man in an empty room is thrust into a cacophonous abstraction where time whirls through an endless flux of transformation.

In competition for Best Student Animated Short

film details

Director: Michelle Brand
Producers: Michelle Brand
Screenwriter: Michelle Brand
Cinematographers: Michelle Brand
Editor: Michelle Brand
Music: Michelle Brand
Country: UK
Language: English
Year: 2019
Running Time: 5 minutes
Contact Email: mail@michellebrandanimation.com
Website: https://michellebrandanimation.com/any-instant-whatever

director biography

Michelle, a German-English animator-filmmaker and sound designer based in London, enjoys discovering new ways of expressing complex ideas visually. She studied animation at the Royal College of Arts in London and at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, UK. Her films attempt to visualize philosophical concepts, with a special focus on time, movement and change. Playing with many different structures and aesthetics, she keeps blurring the lines between theory and practice.

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