• Among the Almond Trees

    Directed by Marie Le floc'h
    Belgium/France | 21 minutes |

Today, Maysan has a very important administrative appointment for her family. But Iyad, her husband, has a question she is not ready to hear.

In competition for the Best of the Festival Award

film details

Director: Marie Le floc'h
Producers: Julie Esparbes
Screenwriter: Marie Le floc'h
Cinematographers: Olivier Boonjing
Editor: Christophe Evrard
Music: Tammam Al-Ramadan
Cast: Masa Zaher, Jalal Al Tawil, Amal Alhamoud, Myriam Akheddiou, Elodie Gauché
Original Language Title: Je serai parmi les amandiers
Country: Belgium/France
Language: In French and Arabic with English subtitles.
Year: 2019
Running Time: 21 minutes
Awards: Grand Prix, Asiana International Short Film Festival; Grand Prix, Cinemed Montpellier; Mention pour la distribution artistique, Paris Courts Devant; Prix du Meilleur court métrage belge, Festival International du Film de Mons
Primary Company: Hélicotronc
Contact Email: production@helicotronc.com
Website: https://www.helicotronc.com/Je-serai-parmi-les-amandiers

director biography

Marie Le floc’h grew up between Brittany and the south of France. During her studies in history at the Sorbonne in Paris, she worked on several films, which helped develop her curiosity and passion for cinema. She decided to quit the university in 2010 to join the Institut des arts de diffusion (I.A.D), a film school located in Brussels. She directed, with Gabriel Pinto Monteiro, Elena, a short film about a Polish family in Brussels. The film won several awards in various film festivals. Les herbes bruissent encore, her graduation film, developed, in a quite different context, a subject already salient in Elena, namely the inverted relationship between children and parents. Her last short film, Je serai parmi les amandiers, was produced by Helicotronc and Films Grand Huit. From documentary to fiction, she is presently developing and working on several projects.

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