• Communication Breakdowns

    94 minutes |

Funny, bittersweet and truthful, these are modern stories of misunderstandings, mix ups, language barriers and things left unsaid. It’s a wonder we can communicate at all.

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As the summer days grow longer, 22-year-old Stefania — who lives with her aging Polish grandfather in the suburbs of Toronto — begins to spiral into fantasy in this unpredictable and darkly comedic drama about intergenerational disconnect and malaise.

Fun Factory

On a Saturday afternoon at a Norwegian playland, a couple witnesses an argument between two mothers and the playland manager. The couple are wondering if they should intervene, but the situation soon triggers underlying issues of their own.

It's Your Call

Ava and Peter work at their long-distance relationship through phone calls, texts, Skype, Facetime and social media, only to find that staying connected may not be what they really need.

Nest Egg

When a lonely young mother tries to become a gestational surrogate to a couple from China, her insecure husband attempts to thwart her plans.

Nobody Likes You as Much as I Do

An American couple worries about the safety of a Parisian girl following a night of drinking.

No Ill Will

An unexpected run-in between former close friends prompts an uncomfortable confrontation about what friendship means in the social media age. A timely and relatable exploration of our on- and offline obligations to those we care about.

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Running Time: 94 minutes

2019 ShortFest