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Thrills & Chills

Thrill-seekers, rejoice! This collection of genre films will have your heart pumping, your palms sweating and your voices yelping.
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Thrills & Chills II: It Won't Die

Because one was not enough! In this second genre program, even more characters will be put in weird or perilous situations that will trigger a feeling inside you that won't die...quickly.
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Through Thick and Thin

Whether it's a childhood friend, a deep love, or a close relative, we've all had those ride-or-die people in our lives. This collection cheers on those connections we cherish most.
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A World Imagined

This eclectic mix of inventive films boasts arresting visions of whimsical and dystopian worlds spanning science fiction and fantasy, from Steampunk romance to mind-reading police to interplanetary transportation.
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Warning: this program is deliciously weird and risqué. Like "I can't believe I just saw this" weird or "I might need to sit alone for a bit" weird. Also, if you don't want to make eye contact with people afterward, we won't blame you.
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We Are the Champions

Sport and competition are the subject of these films that celebrate the human spirit's drive for greatness regardless of the forces threatening it.
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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Through stories of keeping up traditions and keeping up with the Joneses, as well as a large dose of the private made public, we explore the places we call home and how our perceptions of others (and of ourselves!) are influenced by close proximity.
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Wild at Heart

Burgeoning desires, fiery personalities and questionable choices. The protagonists in these stories remind us that growing up, at whatever age, can be both the hardest and the most exciting time of our lives.
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