• The Best Years of Our Lives

    91 minutes |

A spotlight on the stories that celebrate and explore the later stages in life, we follow people as they build new relationships, rediscover who they are, look back on the lives they’ve lived and enjoy the ones they are living.


June 21, 2019 10:30 AM Camelot Theatres (PS Cultural Center) Tickets not available
Tickets not available

Short Films

Betty Feeds the Animals

Betty loves animals. She loves them so much that everyday she puts 30 bowls of food outside of her home to feed them. She feeds skunks, raccoons, cats, foxes and the occasional opossum. This is her story.

The Day Don Died

When a condo community learns of a neighbor's death, the dramatic retelling of his disappearance and demise takes on a life of its own, with each version of the story sounding stranger than the last.


Two men spend their retirement in a van, hunting meteorological balloons. After serving all their scientific purposes, those objects become the object of treasure hunts.


Lila gets awful news from her doctors and starts distancing herself from her daughter, grandson, life. A chance encounter will give her a new perspective on the little time she has left.


For Charlotte it is like any other Sunday, until the doorbell rings and a stranger surprises her with an unusual demand.

Phyllis and Francesca 48 Years On

Back in the 1970s, young couple Phyllis and Francesca started the first gay rights activist group in Australia and were interviewed on TV. Decades later, as the country votes on same-sex marriage, they remember the impact of speaking out.

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Running Time: 91 minutes

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