• Outsiders & Underdogs

    88 minutes |

These are the black sheep, the maltreated, the odd ones out, the ones marching to the beats of their own drums. They may be destined to fail but sometimes they beat the odds. No matter what, we’re still rooting for them!

Short Films


A lonely and insecure teenager, facing changes in her body and an attraction to a boy in her class, is forced to confront her fears and to accept herself as she is.


During a bachelorette weekend at a cabin in the woods, Wendy is forced to confront the one-sided relationship with her best friend Kristin.

The Fisherwoman

A group of female villagers in the Dominican Republic must defend their newly built fish farm.

Hi, This Is Heather

Weary of constantly sending others off on exotic vacations, a lonely work-from-home travel agent finally reaches her breaking point.

The Last Romantic

Nerdy Hector is the best worker at the bowling alley and is next in line for a big promotion. If only he could also have lovely Magda's heart as well...

Now You Know

An uninhibited 10-year-old girl faces the fallout of not being properly “ladylike” at her strict Catholic school.

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Running Time: 88 minutes

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