• Crossroads

    95 minutes |

The characters in this program stand at a juncture, facing pivotal decisions and life-altering events.

Short Films

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It's Christmastide in Vienna, but Romanian half-brothers Ion and Andrei have little time for festivity as they chase debts and tie up loose ends on the eve of their departure from the city.

Bajo la sombra del guacarí

In a rural village in the wetlands, a town crier brings the news of the dead following a storm. When Abraham finds out the one of them was his friend Ciro, he embarks on a journey to fulfill a promise that will take him to the shade of the Guacarí tree.


A young woman returns home to her small town with a secret.


Best friends Alex and Milagros drift apart as their neighborhood undergoes drastic changes caused by redevelopment.


It is the end of the 1960s and Jérôme has failed his high school exams. His best friend, David, has passed them and is getting ready to leave town, maybe forever. Summer is just beginning but their friendship seems doomed to end.

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Running Time: 95 minutes

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