• All in the Family

    96 minutes |

The bonds of family transcend time, distance and personal preference. Through thick and thin, we’re in each other’s business ‘til death do us part.


June 19, 2019 3:15 PM Camelot Theatres (PS Cultural Center) Tickets not available
Tickets not available

Short Films

The Christmas Gift

A few days after Ceausescu's bloody repression in Timisoara, a father’s quiet evening turns to panic as he finds out that his son has mailed a letter to Santa that includes something for him -- his wish to see Ceausescu dead.

Elephant in the Room

When a mother senses that the relationship with her son is getting more and more hopeless, she seeks refuge in her own world with Elias, a rubber doll.


A mother and father are about to visit their 15-year-old daughter, who is in prison for murder, when they are told that their daughter doesn’t want to be touched by her mother.

Father Figurine

When the wealthy patriarch of a family dies, they discover a rather unusual request in his will: for his body to be stuffed and kept on display in their home.

If This Isn’t Love

In a Montreal park, a couple are about to immortalize what should be one of the happiest moments of their lives: their wedding.

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Running Time: 96 minutes

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