• This American Life

    79 minutes | Camelot Theatres

Whether it’s a melting pot or a great big salad, the United States is rich in diversity. Take a glimpse into the lives of these Americans...


June 23, 2018 10:30 AM Camelot Theatres (PS Cultural Center) Tickets not available
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Short Films

Beneath the Ink

In a time when society's belief systems are seemingly changing (or even reverting back in time), Ohio artist Billy Joe White is challenging his Appalachian region by saying: "Bring me your mistakes."


Fen navigates her first Sunday at a new church alongside her worried mom and clingy younger sister, leading to the biggest conflict since their arrival in the U.S.

Lonesome Willcox

Willcox, Arizona, is a country music town that isn't what it used to be. The town's only radio station has but one employee—a local pariah who lives in the studio, and who has a complicated and difficult relationship with the music he plays every day.

The Mud

A clay figure finds himself by overpowering outside forces trying to rob his very essence, and reflects on identity and the relationship between race, heritage and stereotype.

Saltwater Baptism

Santiago Gonzalez IV is one week away from becoming the first college graduate in his family. As graduation nears, Santi struggles to reconcile his traditional, Christian, Mexican-American upbringing with his new life as an openly gay man.

Three Boys Manzanar

Bound by history and circumstance, three boys in an iconic photo taken at the Japanese-American interment camp Manzanar, reunite 70 years later.


With extensive redevelopment in the California Bay Area, the ancestral graves of Native Americans are being unearthed. Three generations of Native Americans face an uncertain future amid changing times and landscapes.

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Running Time: 79 minutes

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