• Same Planet, Different Worlds

    98 minutes | Camelot Theatres

In the melting pot of the modern world we brush up against real and imagined divides every day. These stories exist along those boundary lines, challenging us to see the humanity on both sides.

Short Films


A young woman takes refuge in a modern studio utopia on a remote island, but her stay is interrupted by a sound artist and mysterious sheep that close in on the home.


Career woman Carla and her dealer Raul have interacted regularly for years, but tonight may be their first and only real conversation.


Camilo, who is from the projects outside Stockholm, and his buddies are hanging out when they see city girl Amina walking by on her way to a party. Camilo decides to take a shot with her and it looks like it might work...

Lobster Dinner

Two 12-year-old boys of different backgrounds find their friendship tested when one brings an offering of live lobsters to the other's single, working-class mother.

Open Your Eyes

Ilana believes herself to be a liberal Israeli woman until her regular eye doctor, who administers a crucial injection for her sight, is replaced by Dr. Khoury, an Arab. Faced with the very real possibility of losing her eyesight, Ilana will have to open her eyes to more than she expected.


Recent immigrants to Canada, working on scaffolding, break the routine of their job by observing the people in the neighborhood from a unique, precarious and ephemeral vantage point.

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Running Time: 98 minutes

2018 ShortFest Archive