• On the Job

    95 minutes | Camelot Theatres

Behind the counter, the wheel, the stove or on the phone, people often give their best selves to their jobs. Films about the unique joy, monotony, fulfillment and misery of work.

Short Films

The Disinherited

Pere Ferrés is 53 years old and owns a small bus company. Lack of money forces him to drive clients who destroy his vehicle to bachelor parties, but he is not prepared to lose his dignity.


Santa is a capitalist. He brings toys to the rich kids and sweatshirts to the poor ones.

Last Requests

The day before the expiration of the last meal request program in Texas, a widow who has worked in the Huntsville Death House for 30 years prepares to cook her last, last meal.

Liquor Store Babies

Two Korean-American friends reflect on their childhood growing up with fathers who ran liquor stores in Los Angeles.


The president of Mexico spends his final days in office making plans for his future. Everything looks in order until an international conflict interrupts his pleasant rest.

The Shift

As dusk descends across the San Francisco Bay, the city’s 911 dispatchers prepare for the busiest time of day, the swing shift.

Suck It Up

Souad has just passed her diploma as a beautician and found employment in a classy beauty salon. Luck is with her, but something about her new job haunts her.

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Running Time: 95 minutes

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