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Whether you’ve ever felt like an outcast or not, you’ll be cheering these films about outsiders and lovable losers. Eccentrics, weirdos, nerds and dweebs, we celebrate you!


June 22, 2018 8:30 PM Camelot Theatres (PS Cultural Center) Tickets not available
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Short Films


An obsessed local outcast enlists the help of a love-struck youngster to attract the attention of a clueless hairdresser.

End of the Line

A lonely man goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a cage.

It's a Match

A young man and a young woman meet up off a dating app, seeking a connection.

Long Distance Relationship

A brief story of a guy who's obsessed about having sex with extraterrestrials.

Midnight Confession

West Berlin, 1989. Manny Jumpcannon prowls his dingy apartment, phoning various degenerates from his past. He's hoping for some uncertain vindication but the ensuing conversations only reveal his own sordid history of deceit.

Open Wide

A man doesn’t expect his visit to the dentist to take such a startling, and perhaps satisfying, turn.

Tammy's Tiny Tea Time: Episode 1

An animated comedy about a maladjusted 42-year-old woman with the emotional capacity of a child who shrinks to the size of her toys and forces them to entertain her. You know, the usual!


After getting fired from her job, Alex meets Noah, a distraught struggling musician, in a hospital waiting room. Reeling over the failed suicide attempt of his troubled teenage music student, Noah attempts to connect with Alex despite her mysterious facade.


Middle-aged couple Linda and Troyer's dream safari turns into a horribly real adventure when they get left behind in the wilderness.

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Running Time: 95 minutes

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