• Far from Home

    103 minutes | Camelot Theatres

As refugees or as workers, millions travel to distant lands. Poignant films for a world defined by the movement of people, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes through desperation or coercion, across borders.

Short Films

And Still We Will Walk On

Simon arrives in Paris to look for his missing brother and soon discovers the depth of the invisible migrant city.

The Caregiver

After a short trip home to India, Raj returns to his 85-year-old employer only to find he's been replaced by a Filipina caregiver named Joy. But Raj won’t back down without a fight.

The Last Refugees

Among the last Syrian refugees allowed in the US before President Trump’s Muslim travel ban, the Kalajis’ excitement and hope slowly turn into something else as they face the realities of surviving and the magnitude of what they were forced to leave behind.

Magic Alps

When an Afghan refugee arrives in Italy to seek asylum, with his goat, an Italian immigration officer finds himself in a difficult position. Based on a true story.

Room 140

Immigrants just released from detention centers spend their first night in Oakland at a motel, paid for by one of the workers. For one night of respite, they rest, reflect and prepare for the next phase of their journey.

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Running Time: 103 minutes

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