• Cast Adrift

    98 minutes | Camelot Theatres

On the edge of society, the protagonists of these shorts forge their own paths ahead in a world that offers few concessions.

Short Films

The Hooligan Soul

Fael wants to give his girlfriend a gift. Meanwhile a disease called passion screams loudly through the streets of the city.


A young employee of a rural dairy farm is experiencing anxiety regarding her unexpected pregnancy. She finds it difficult to ignore her feelings, surrounded as she is by pregnant cows whose milk she helps to collect after they give birth.


A teenage girl, a middle-aged man and a retired racehorse confront their uncertain futures in a forgotten town.


A gifted musician, disillusioned with his reality of mediocre bar gigs and suffocating home life, looks to break free from a community that seems to share few of his aspirations.

The Ties that Bind

In the Normandy countryside, 15-year-old Alex comes home from boarding school to his grieving family.


An isolated conspiracy theorist, searching for the truth, struggles to make a human connection while trying to hide the mysterious fibers growing out of her skin.

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Running Time: 98 minutes

2018 ShortFest Archive