• Brief Encounters

    94 minutes | Camelot Theatres

Chance meetings and temporary companionships—sometimes our most deeply felt experiences are drawn from the most fleeting of relationships.


June 20, 2018 10:00 AM Camelot Theatres (PS Cultural Center) Tickets not available
Tickets not available

Short Films


A female croupier and a young pickpocket form a mostly wordless understanding after their paths unexpectedly intertwine.

Careful How You Go

A darkly comic three-part film about malevolent women who indulge in casual cruelty.


In the close confines of a lingerie fitting room, Diane is confronted with a problem she cannot solve alone.


Lone’s career hasn’t lived up to her expectations. While trying to escape herself she acquires a hitchhiker, a rebellious girl who drags Lone to a teenage party, where she discovers she’s not alone in her struggle between ambition and the hard realities of working life.

How to Swim

Abigail, who recently lost her mother, is pregnant. Terrified about the coming birth, she “kidnaps” a mother of her own for one afternoon.


As his family argues about his end-of-life care, an elderly Korean man reflects on his life with a stranger.

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Running Time: 94 minutes

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